Dean's Message

New students, warmly welcome you to be part of the family of biological and chemical engineering college, and spend four years in the "biochemical life" here to achieve "life sublimation"!

Here, a group of highly educated, high-level, high level teachers are waiting for you.

Here, the wonderful classroom and famous scientific and technological front of Chinese and foreign celebrities are calling you.

Here, you will have a number of opportunities to choose your favorite major among five majors in chemical engineering and technology, applied chemistry, pharmaceutical engineering, biological engineering, and environmental engineering.

Here, the boom will boost you become PubMed into the "985" and "211" elite universities;

Here, the rich and colorful extracurricular activities will make you a tiger with wings added in the future life's journey.

"There is no royal road to There is no end for learning. suffering for the boat." Come here, let dreams light your life!


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